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Blodwit's back.... :: Thursday, 24 November 2011


Blodwit is very sorry, he has been very lazy in not updating his blog this year. The Big Man has just had 'words' with him and he promises to update it more regularly (we'll see!).

Well after breaking all records and sending out 6949 letters last year, we had our first order in May, yes May, this year and we've already processed nearly 2,500 letters so far this year.

We found over the past few years that even when letters were posted together, they sometimes arrived days apart and that children worried why they hadn't had their letter, so the ingenious elves have made a major improvement this year and now guarantee that when multiple letters are ordered for the same address they will be delivered together to ensure that the children are happy (assuming that they are ordered at the same time).

We'll come back to you with more details on the Adult Letters From Santa website shortly......