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Reindeer Dust :: Tuesday, 10 November 2009


At the North Pole, Blodwit is in charge of Reindeer Dust Development. Over the years he has been responsible for making thousands of little sachets of Reindeer Dust (or Reindeer Food as some humans refer to it) to send out with Santa's Reply Letters.

Rudolph and all of the other reindeer love the oats and can see the glitter (which goes absolutely everywhere) from miles away up in the sky.  That's why Blodwit makes sure that there is a free sachet of Reindeer Dust with every reply letter that Santa sends from the information parents give on  Unfortunately because the Elf and Safety officials in the UK and other countries think we're not very bright, we can't send it to children under three years old.  We think that they worry that little children might eat it instead of sprinkling it outside on Christmas Eve!!

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