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The blog of Blodwit, Elf No. 26 - Santa's chief little helper for


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Blodwit - the beginning :: Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Ho Ho Ho to you all!

Let me introduce Blodwit, Elf No 26 - Santa's chief little helper for

A long long time ago, when Santa was still in shorts, climbing trees and hiding stones in snow balls, two little elves - Mr Alf and Mrs Dimm Witt - decided it was time to increase the elf population. A few days later out he popped. "Bloddy Hell, that was quick" exclaimed Dimm - and so, Bloddy Hell Witt (or Blodwit for short) was born.

Over the centuries as Santa went through his 'teenage' years and Blodwit grew to his full size of 3ft 6 (about 1m), they became great friends. Blodwit helped Santa with his homework and Santa helped Blodwith with his shopping - mainly reaching the items on the higher shelves for him.

Blodwit is now happily married to Brenda Bumwhistle and, in traditional elf style, has taken her surname as his own. For obvious reasons, however, Blodwit Bumwhistle prefers to be know solely by his first name.

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